F1 Tactical Whingeing!

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Entertainment
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As an F1 racing fan I got up at stupid o’clock this morning to watch the Korean Grand Prix, okay so it was a little wet, but as the pictures from the pit lane showed we have seen them race in worse conditions, I mean after all that is what they are paid for. 

But the tactical whingeing from both drivers and team managers was disgraceful; we want to see the best driver win the World Championship on the track, not the best tactical whinger. They should of been allowed to race no matter what the conditions then if they are too scared to carry on they can pull off in to the pit and park the car but suffer the consequences to their title bid. Then it’s all down to the talent of the drivers.Red Bull’s off track tactics were the worse, but they say what goes around comes around and the F1 God, made them suffer for there tactical whingeing, with Mark Webber running out of talent and Sebastian Vetell’s car being struck down by mechanical failure.  “Red Bull Gives You Wings” well their Drivers Championship chances have just got wings and flown out the window and quite rightly so.

I must commend Martin Brundel for giving a real racing drivers perspective in an honest and even handed manner. Thanks Martin.


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